Saturday, June 9, 2007

How valuable is a Fordham MBA?

Looking back at the very first day, the reception for newly admitted students, I was completely certain on how I wanted to use the MBA and what I was planning to do with the rest of my professional life. Getting an MBA at Fordham was more than just studying the principles of finance and management; It was the discovery of a completely new world and many new opportunities I would have never thought of. Today, after finishing the MBA program, I am asking myself what are the experiences my fellow Fordham MBAs have made and what did the Fordham MBA do to their professional career?

These questions are why I decided to start this blog, which should be used as discussion forum, tool to give and get advice, and also reflect the experience I and other graduates make and made. This blog should also give graduates the opportunity to either find another graduate and help them finding a job.

Finally I like to introduce the Fordham GBA Alumni Association. The association was founded many years ago but is currently undergoing a huge revival. I encourage all Fordham Alumnis to check out the web site at